Funny Face Rocks

Painting rock eyes, ears, noses and mouths to make funny faces with miss summer, based on a cool idea found on Pinterest! 🤪 #funnyfaces #paintedrocks #toddlerfuntime #wip

Love Rock

Latest painted rocks đź’— #taziart #paintedrocks #loverock

Painted blocks

Painted blocks are now complete and ready for client feedback! #woodenoffcuts #feelingcreative #mixedmedia

Cool mugs

Love these large 15oz mugs from @society6 #giftoriginal #society6 #doodleart #taziart #mugshots #mugstagram

Ornate & Creative Gothic Crowns

These crowns and chest pieces incorprate gothic elements to stand out from the crowd by Gothic Crowns Turn Creepy Elements Beautiful These crowns incorprate gothic elements to stand out from the crowd. 👑 Posted by STYLE INSIDER on Tuesday, 26 June 2018

People Who Found Their Art History Doubles at Museums

Here’s something fun to do next time you are at a museum! This is an amusing collection of photos taken of people who found themselves in front of artistic versions of themselves at museums. 20+ People Who Discovered Their Art History Doppelgängers at Museums Via My Modern Met

Pregnancy Belly Casts

Artist Wendy Buijs van Burg blings out pregnancy belly casts with mosaics and jewels and they look stunning! Watch video on Insider Presents Wendy Buijs van Burg Website

Photographs of the Smithsonian Museum archives

Chip Clark worked as a photographer for 37 years at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. His photographs are brilliantly composed pictures that give us a glimpse into a world we would normally never get to see. “This is a fascinating place; it’s chock-full of interesting people doing really neat stuff.” Read article by

A Rock for Bee

Painted a new rock for my favourite daughter-in-law! #paintedrock #acrylics #bee #taziart

What do you think of my dog kennel mural?

I loved painting this mural on our dog kennel and just finished today! Daizy the black spoodle is sitting inside though she is hard to see! #dogkennelmural #taziart #zendoodle #zentangle

Tiny Portraits On Peanuts

Steve Casino is an artist who paints very detailed portraits on nuts! They look incredible and you can view his website and on instagram @stevecasino

Custom Wedding Designs

Loved designing all the wedding printing for a very special couple #tomandbee #weddingstyle #customdesign #taziart