Doodle Friends

Very happy with my latest purchases from Society6. The throw blanket is soft and luxurious, and the colours are gorgeous.¬† #society6 #taziart #doodleart  

Wedding Card

Created an original wedding card for Vincent and Rachel using watercolour, pencil and fineliner ? #taziart #congratulations #doodleart

Why is Halloween becoming popular Australia?

Though not a traditional Australian celebration, Halloween is a good excuse for a party and dressing up – for both kids and animals! Some people in our area go to a lot of effort to decorate the outside of their homes and encourage door-to-door visits for the local kids. Of course the retailers love it…

Doodle Doll Animation

Here’s a little promotional animation I did for the home page of my website and facebook page.

Super Girl

Our little supergirl is 7 months old today! #granddaughter #supergirl #journal #micron #taziart

How do I make my site appear first in Google Search results?

Everyone asks us this question and the answer from Google is: there is no secret, there are only good practices. I was searching for some information for my client, and came across this from Google that reminds me that there is no quick and easy answer to getting on the first page (other than paying…

Wallpaper October 2017

Check out the free October wallpapers available this month on Smashing Magazine

Happy ‘Just A Card’ day!

This is a great initiative by @justacard to help all artists and makers. It’s a reminder that by buying something no matter how small, you make a BIG difference. #justacard #justacardday #taziart #etsyshop #happydance #supportsmallbusiness

Follow Your Dreams

25% off ‘Follow your Dreams’ tote bags, notebooks and standard mugs #redbubble #doodleart #taziart Visit Redbubble

What’s a picture worth? Images, type and logos

This is a great article where various experts in the fields of logo design and branding share some design thinking about the differences between graphical logos and logos that incorporate letters and words. These days, many large brands have complex identity systems that may include both image-only logos and combination logos that include a letter…

New Phone Cover

My new phone cover to celebrate spring! #phonecover #doodleart #taziart #redbubblecreate #redbubble #raybanclassic