Mr & Mrs Santa Claus

New Christmas design on Redbubble for the holiday design challenge. #giftoriginal #redbubble #doodleart #taziart #merrychristmas

Eight Months Old

My gorgeous granddaughter is 8 months old already and here is my monthly doodle page 😍 #granddaughter #summerrose #journal #micron #taziart

Doodle Friends

New doodle friends in various colours #doodleart#fotolia #istock #shutterstock #taziart #vectorart

Do you know the history of the ampersand?

I do love the ampersand and am amazed to find out that the & is simply a ligature of the letters E and T (et being the latin word for and). Now officially classified as punctuation, it was once the 27th letter in the English alphabet, existing as the graphical representation of the word ‘and’. This…

Good Vibes

New good vibes doodle products available online at Society6 and Redbubble: #taziart #doodleart #vectorart #goodvibes

Wallpaper November 2017

Check out all the gorgeous free wallpapers available this month on Smashing Magazine: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” – Coco Chanel

Doodle Friends

Very happy with my latest purchases from Society6. The throw blanket is soft and luxurious, and the colours are gorgeous.  #society6 #taziart #doodleart  

Wedding Card

Created an original wedding card for Vincent and Rachel using watercolour, pencil and fineliner 💛 #taziart #congratulations #doodleart

Why is Halloween becoming popular Australia?

Though not a traditional Australian celebration, Halloween is a good excuse for a party and dressing up – for both kids and animals! Some people in our area go to a lot of effort to decorate the outside of their homes and encourage door-to-door visits for the local kids. Of course the retailers love it…

Doodle Doll Animation

Here’s a little promotional animation I did for the home page of my website and facebook page.